The world is shrinking. It is shrinking into a handy-size manageable rectangular window. No real time, no aroma, intangible and inhibiting. The wrong imagination by early cultures - the world is a plane or a disc - now sounds like an ironic citation by contemporary comedians. I am a nature guy, a straight Polish hillbilly avoiding concrete jungles and the pressure from society. Getting entertained by nature is my favorite activity. The beauty of the wide variety of nature is the most impressive origin for my work. For me as an artist working with glass as a medium for conversation, my main focus is the uncountable multiplicity of creatures, both animals and humans.


Connecting my skills with the everlasting entertainment by nature, I project random acts, making me have fun, into my sculptures. It doesn't make any difference whether it's an animal or a human being.

Further, I filtrate the acts I am attracted by through my imagination and apply them to characters that sometimes remind me of someone or something or of someone's acts. For example: Hot summer day - on the road - took a break at a rest area - saw a big guy hiding close to a tree chasing shadows and eating ice cream with pleasure. Result: Sculpture entitled "Sweet Delight vs. The Pinch a Bit Bear". I want to encourage You and the rest of the world to take part in my conversations with nature.

Find your own experience and feel free to suggest.

 Hate it if You want - love it if you feel so.


I will keep going on.


river flow_gm_9699
macho in love_gm_9859